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Initial Application Assistance

The best way to get you the social security benefits you deserve is by making sure your initial application is filled out completely with all of the information Social Security needs. I take the stress out of this overwhelming process by filing your initial application for you!



Social Security denials have strict deadlines for appeals and the language used by Social Security regarding the right to appeal can be confusing and misleading. I can take the confusion out of the process by filing your appeal for you.


Social Security Hearings

Explaining your impairments to a Judge can be intimidating and the laws can be confusing. I am there with you to present your case to the Judge and fight for the benefits you deserve.


Social Security Programs you qualify for

Trying to figure out which SSD programs benefit you qualify for is a confusing process. After a case evaluation, I can help you determine and apply for the right Social Security Disability programs.

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    Your Questions Answered

    How does Social Security decide if I am disabled?

    Using a 5-step process, Social Security takes the information provided in the initial application, medical records, work history and third-party witness statements and then determines if a person meets their criteria for disability. The 5-step process goes in the following order:

    • Step 1: Are you currently performing work at substantial gainful activity?
    • Step 2: Are your physical and/or mental impairments severe?
    • Step 3: Do any of your impairments meet or equal any of Social Security’s Listing of Impairments?
    • Step 4: Are you able to return to any of your past work, either as you performed it or as it is generally performed in the national economy?
    • Step 5: Is there other work you could perform in the national economy?
    How long does it take for my social security application to be processed?

    It generally takes 5-7 months to get a decision. However, it depends on where the application is being processed, how long it takes to obtain your medical records, whether Social Security decides to send you to a consultative evaluation and any other documentation needed to process your claim.

    What are my chances of getting Social Security Disability?

    No lawyer can promise you a favorable outcome in your Social Security claim. That said, the statistics show that your chances of approval increase with each appeal, and you are much more likely to be approved at a hearing with an ALJ than at the initial or reconsideration levels.

    I know someone with the same medical conditions as me that was approved, but I was denied. What gives?

    While this may seem confusing and even unfair, Social Security considers each case on an individual basis using the 5-step process and considering factors such as age, education, and past work experience. People see different doctors, receive different medical treatment and may have different restrictions as a result of the same medical conditions.

    I would like a lawyer, but I’m not working. How do I pay you?

    Social Security Attorney Fees are regulated by the federal government. I am only paid if I win a recovery for you. I am paid 25 percent of any backpay, up to $7,200. If I don’t win your case, I don’t get paid. It’s that simple. There is no charge to you up front or out of pocket costs.

    My commitment to you:

    My goal is to serve and support disabled individuals with compassion and empathy, as we work together to obtain the social security benefits you deserve. 

    – Terisa gault

    Meet Terisa Gault

    Best disability lawyer in US

    For more than a decade, I have helped thousands of people in their fight for social security benefits. My extensive experience allows me to look at cases from every level and connect with clients in a meaningful way. I fight for your rights and am able to work with you and your medical providers to navigate the complex disability process.

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    You come first

    I take pride in knowing my clients. I am friendly, caring and empathetic when meeting my clients.


    Honest Communication

    I am not a disability mill churning out hundreds of cases a month. I am an attorney that a client can talk to about their claim. 


    Commited to You

    I am commited to fighting to get the benefits you deserve.

    Our clients love us!

    Terisa Page Gault was my attorney for my disability case, and she was incredible. Not only did she do a fantastic job defending me, but she also was quick to respond to my calls, answer any and all questions & was so very kind in every encounter. When I had my hearing, three days later…

    Jon Ortega

    “My spouse is a disabled veteran and had filed for SSDI. They were denied both initially and after appeal. We didn’t know what to do or where to go. We managed to find Terisa who has been a godsend. She helped us navigate a very broken system. She communicated with us every step of the way and gave us the information we needed to receive a favorable decision. Terisa and her paralegal Gail were so sweet and communicative through the whole process. They understood how difficult the situation was and helped to streamline everything they could. We are beyond appreciative for all that Terisa has done for us.”
    Erica Simmons

    “Terisa Gault represented me for a SSDI hearing. She answered my calls and emails quickly from the time that we first got the hearing date. She did a great job walking me through the process and trying to have me be calm and prepared. Her best advice was to “put away my many pages of notes and listen to the questions.” It helped me pay more attention to the process! Thanks Terisa.”
    Christia Miller

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