Unfortunately, denials happen. According to Social Security, only 36 percent of applications are approved at the initial level. If you are denied for social security benefits after your initial application, you will be notified via mail. You have 60 days to appeal. It is important that you don’t give up and don’t be tricked by social security’s confusing wording into filing a new application! You must appeal on time. If you are represented by me, I follow up with you to get updated information to provide to Social Security and automatically file the appeal for you.

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The first appeal after the initial application is called a Request for Reconsideration. During the Reconsideration Appeal process, we work together to update the information previously provided to Social Security during the initial process. As your attorney, I am able to view your electronic claims file to see what information Social Security might have missed at the initial level to get them to change their mind.

Only 13 percent of social security claims are approved through the Reconsideration process, which means that a further appeal is necessary to the hearings level.

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