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The social security disability application process can be confusing and overwhelming. Many firms refuse to help people during the initial claims process, but I know the best way to get you the social security benefits you need is to help you right from the start. I am an expert at crafting initial applications which draw a road map for social security disability analysts to put you in the best position possible to get your benefits as soon as possible.

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During the initial application phase, you will be providing information to Social Security’s Disability Determination Services regarding your work history for the last 15 years, your activities of daily living, and your severe physical and mental health conditions. They will also be asking a third-party friend or family member for information about you as well. This information is used not only during the initial level of your claim but can be used throughout the entire course of your claim. The amount of paperwork that Social Security requests from you can be very overwhelming. I work with you to take the stress out of your claim and complete the paperwork with you. Don’t wait until you are denied to get a lawyer!

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