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Initial Application Assistance

The best way to get you the social security benefits you deserve is by making sure your initial application is filled out completely with all of the information Social Security needs. I take the stress out of this overwhelming process by filing your initial application for you!



Social Security denials have strict deadlines for appeals and the language used by Social Security regarding the right to appeal can be confusing and misleading. I can take the confusion out of the process by filing your appeal for you.


Social Security Hearings

Explaining your impairments to a Judge can be intimidating and the laws can be confusing. I am there with you to present your case to the Judge and fight for the benefits you deserve.


Social Security Programs you qualify for

Trying to figure out which SSD prograpms benefit you qualify for is a confusing process. After a case evaluation, I can help you determine and apply for the right Social Security Disability programs.

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